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Welcome to the Issho homepage. Through this site, communications may be kept about various Mabinogi aspects as well as some non-game-related fun. While this site is first and foremost for guild member use, I welcome non-members to view the site and perhaps that will inspire them to join, or at least understand Mabinogi a little better beyond the official wiki and forums.

I strongly recommend you read the entry "About Issho..." first before doing anything else.

Thank you very much for visiting our Guild site. I hope it is useful and enjoyable.
Also, while I do not require guild members to join the site as well, it is strongly recommended that they do so.
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Yes, Issho is still active...

djsquelch, Aug 15, 15 3:24 AM.
Because this site is used less lately, I have posted less. Yet for anyone who still may view the main page, I would like to affirm that Issho is still active and new members are always welcome to apply and join. Feel free either contact me here or contact Kusachiho in the game with any questions. Thank you...

Clarification for Recent Confusion

djsquelch, Apr 24, 15 2:57 PM.
On Feb. 13, my computer broke and only yesterday was I able to return to play Mabinogi. When I need repairs, I cannot simply calll my manufacturer and have it mailed somewhere from my home. Instead I have to physically take it to a locale to have it worked on because their order or procedure is to attempt the repair in-house rather than send it off. I was not available to take it to repair immediately- circumstances were such that it took me much longer than even I had anticipated. The extended winter weather and my mother's health contributed to this delay heavily. Once I was able to submit it for repair, all was not as simple as initially foreseen and it took longer than expected to complete the actual repair, which ended up requiring that it be sent off for extensive work. Not only did the off site team repair the newly assessed problem, but they also saw additional matters that required correction. In the end, I have a lot of new parts, much of which I thought hadn't needed tending to.

Because I was gone for so long, this created concern among my more regularly active guildies because it's common for me to be on every day. I emailed a couple members and I also tried notifying everyone through here as well, although my message in the ShoutBox seems to be missing. So how is it that I could do this, yet not play? Easy. My laptop physically connects to the internet and my other devices do not, thus my laptop provides a wi-fi source to all of my other devices because my modem and router do not (although I plan to change that). That leaves me resorting to wi-fi from public sources as my primary source and since I wasn't getting out much except for critical chores like groceries and laundry, I didn't have time to grab a tablet and head over to my local cafe for leisure. Someone in my neighborhood has a limited public wi-fi set up, but the signal is very week from my house and I have to go out into the back yard before it becomes partially stable and with the weather as it was, I couldn't really spend much time out there trying to do something like that, especially when the connection keeps dropping. That's enough to drive anyone bonkers from frustration to seriously attempt such a thing, so I just waited til the laptop was repaired before trying to get back to Mabi.

I'm afraid during my absence my VIP lapsed and that may have added tot he confusion as it may have turned off some guild features such as the Friendlist and communications in the guild channel When I had a chance to get groceries, I bought some Karma Koins and dedicated NX to more VIP time, still unsure how much longer I would be gone at that point. I wanted to make sure the guild stayed up and running even if I could not be present. I have told guildies in that past and stated here that real life comes first; if you have a problem that needs tending to then that's your priority, not this game. However, I appreciate communication efforts whenever possible. This definitely applied to me and my series of inconveniences. Thankfully, this didn't cause much in the way of problems, but I still felt it was necessary to communicate this to anyone still searching for understanding on the situation.

On another note, this brings me to another topic that I briefly mentioned earlier: my mother's health. She will be 62 this year and her health is declining. She requires a considerable about of assistance from me so even when I can play, I will have times when I have to go afk to do something. Depending on the task, I may be gone briefly or for a while. If I'm already with engaged with the guild, I will return as quickly as possible and try to save my more time-consuming tasks for other times. This is the best I can offer at this time without closing the guild and quitting Mabi. I love the game and I care about you all so I would like to try to keep things running as smoothly as possible. As usual, please feel free to contact me any time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will understand.

Milestones and Memories...

djsquelch, May 6, 14 6:25 AM.
A little over two years have passed since Issho was founded. Many members have come and gone, experienced good and bad times together. Issho again finds new life with the help of great friends, both new and old. May Issho see a thriving future and have many more memories to keep. We are together; we are Issho.

Guild Activity...

djsquelch, Dec 9, 13 2:06 AM.
This policy is being re-enforced. I have written about it in more than one section. Please be sure to refer to it for more details. It is about the only guild requirement I have. After four weeks of consecutive inactivity without any contact from a member, then the character is officially inactive and is dismissed. It is a fair policy. I do allow exceptions.

Staring at a list of inactive members when one is a leader or active member is a sad and frustrating thing so enforcing activity is also a way of preserving the guild. As stated if it's something you know that's going to happen, let me know and similarly if it's something that's beyond your control and you wish to rejoin, then please contact me. I want active people in my guild. A list that is full in inactive players is so disheartening, no matter how much one may be a friend in addition to being a member. I have to draw a line at some point if I haven't heard from someone within so much time. Please understand. If you can work with me on this policy, then I can work with you. I am rather flexible, actually.

No More Guild Goals...

djsquelch, Dec 6, 13 3:47 AM.
The guild has been expanded to receive as many members as possible.
The guild stone has been upgraded to its final stage.
Extra features to enhance guild functionality have been secured.

Members only need to concentrate on the guild mission now- be nice, work on characters, help each other, and have fun.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that the guild is now set to private. Membership is by invitation only now. More than ever, I am looking for decent people who can play regularly.
djsquelch 11/25/2014 8:12 PM
Connectivity issues for some. Please read further in the forums.
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